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Research & Technology Organization from Spain

International Center in Advanced Materials and raw materials of Castilla y Leon (ICAMcyL), is a private non-profit foundation, competence center, created and supported by the Government of Castilla y Leon, to foster the development of advanced materials for the regional industrial network, and to valorise the richness in raw materials of Castilla y Leon, in line with its RIS3. ICAMCyL has been founded thanks to the interest and economical contribution of the main industry of Castilla y Leon, being shareholders or part of its industrial panel relevant international companies in the sectors of Mining and transformation of raw materials, automotive and aerospace or manufacturing. Moreover ICAMCyL shares facilities and have access to the Super Computing Center in Leon for the massive computing and design of materials. ICAMCyL takes part of the international strategy of industrial resource efficiency management, energy efficiency, eco-innovation and critical materials substitution, being directly related to the European Innovation Partnership in Raw Materials (EIP-Raw Materials). It coordinates one of the latest commitments accepted by the EC, RAW NANOVALUE, and is a key partner in other 6 Action Groups within the EIP-Raw materials. Moreover ICAMCyL is chairing a specialized working group for the CRMs in the Nanotechnology Value Chain within the EU-NANOFUTURES association. ICAMCyL coordinates the raw materials, critical materials strategy and resource efficiency in Castilla y Leon region (Spain) in close synergy with its governmental agency ICE-CyL, and plays a key and catalytical role as experts in the RIS3 regional strategy of Castilla y León, being also well-aligned with several of its priority lines.