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CiQUS addresses challenges in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry, New functional Materials and Synthetic Technologies.
We host 19 research groups (11 ERC projects, including 4 ERC-PoC), which obtain 7 MEUR/year in competitive funds (2017-2020) and an average Impact Factor of 7,4 (JCR) during the same period. Other outputs: 21 patents granted, 2 licences and 4 spin-offs.

- BIOMED: i) Drug & nuclei acid delivery; ii) Functional materials (nanoparticles, MOFs…) for drug delivery, theragnostic or cell reprogramming; iii) Bio-supramolecular chemistry & nanotechnology at the interface with cell biology.
- MATERIALS: i) Metal-Carbon Hybrid Nanostructures for Spintronics and Energy-related Applications; ii) Tailored Nanographenes; iii) Magnetic, electronic & thermal properties; iv) Chirality. Stimuli-Responsive polymers; v) Organic, inorganic & metallo-organic materials.
- SYNTHESIS: i) Innovative catalytic methodologies; ii) Selective and sustainable synthetic methodologies; iii) Catalytic transformations in biological media; iii) Theoretical and Computational Chemistry.

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